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Leon’s issues are the community’s issues

Defeat Division

The division in our country needs to end. One of the biggest threats to America and to freedom is the polarization, division, and hate among our people. Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Those words are still true today.

We must not allow politicians, the media, the talking heads, and social media to manipulate and turn us against one another. We must not participate in the destruction of our nation. We need to fight to protect free speech – even for those we do not agree with. Healthy debate, free-thinking, and free speech are the foundation of a free nation. We must never forget that.

We are all God’s creations and we all just want to be loved and listened to. We all just want to be treated with fairness and kindness. Let us always remember that. Let us get back to loving one another undeterred by our differences and unwavering against our adversaries.

I am a man who loves Democrats, Republicans, Everyone, America – and I love Mightily! As a husband, a father, a navy combat veteran, and a pastor – I dream of seeing the country I’ve faithfully loved and served united instead of divided. I dream of seeing love rise up against hate. I dream of defeating division – the division that is destroying America. At this pivotal point in history, I choose to lead by example. An example, I dream, will ripple all across America as the beginning of a new movement.

Together we must rise up against hate and defeat the division that is plaguing our nation. Together, we are the solution. Together, we win.

Reclaim Our Government

Career politicians have failed us over and over again. Because of hidden agendas, backroom deals, and corruption – the people have been left behind, forgotten, and betrayed by those elected and entrusted to represent us.

America seems to no longer be “a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.” We must stop electing career politicians who do not represent us, and who do not care about us, to speak for us. We must not allow our country to be destroyed by corruption and greed. If we want to continue to remain a free country, we must reclaim our government.

Preserve Our Country

We are one nation under God. Our founding fathers and the great leaders that followed, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr., all knew that our rights and our freedom came from God alone, not the government.

We must teach and reinvigorate a love for our Constitution and for our country. We must also teach our history – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s not be ashamed of our past or the color of our skin. Rather, let us learn and grow from the experiences (and mistakes) of those who came before us and those we walk alongside now.

To prosper as a united nation and a free nation, we cannot wipe away history or rewrite it. We must recognize that which does not kill us makes us stronger! We must break the spirit of division and focus on moving forward in freedom, together as one nation. We must preserve our country.

I believe that we must love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Strengthen Our Families

I believe the change our nation needs begins in the home, with faith in God and a strong family structure. We need to build back confidence in the family unit and prioritize families. We must find ways to encourage and support families. Children who are raised in loving, nurturing environments with positive adult role models grow into productive members of society. God and love are central to our prosperity as a country.

Recognizing the pressures and realities facing working parents today, we know children cannot always be home under a parent’s watchful eye. Providing kids with safe and accessible after-school activities is imperative to a flourishing community. When young minds and bodies are kept active and off the streets, the entire community benefits. Strong families and thriving youth are the future of Virginia.

Give Parents a Choice

Every child in Virginia – and across America – deserves a quality education. We are all different and each family has its own unique needs. Let’s embrace our differences and do away with a one-size-fits-all approach to families and education. Parents know what is best for their children and should be the ultimate decision-makers, especially when it comes to their education.

I believe the money should follow the child. That means whether a parent chooses homeschool, private school, charter school, or public school – aid and support should not be diminished, but instead, should follow the child. If the money follows the child, parents have the flexibility to select schools based on what is best for their children, and the quality of education everywhere improves. Giving parents a choice ensures children thrive in an environment that best suits their individual needs.

Secure Our Neighborhoods

Crime in Virginia’s major cities and across the nation is on the rise. Relentless vilifying of our police and repeated calls for their defunding and dismantling have fueled lawlessness, damaged police morale, and destroyed public trust in those entrusted to protect and serve. This distorted and destructive messaging has caused our entire country to suffer.

We need to unite with law enforcement and fund our police. We must enforce our laws, take a hard stand against crime, and protect our law-abiding citizens. We cannot allow violent and repeat criminals to be released from prison or avoid it altogether, so they can wreak havoc upon our communities. Most importantly, in order to secure our neighborhoods, we must support and respect our men and women in blue.


I am a firm believer in life beginning at conception.

Restore Energy Independence

We must get back to energy independence! We are a rich nation, with enough natural gas and oil already in reserves to last a generation. It is critical that we stop asking for oil from foreign countries, especially countries that don’t respect us or share our values.

We must get back to producing oil for ourselves. We cannot accept rising gas prices and related increases in costs as the “new normal.” I will fight to restore our energy independence and oppose all regulatory barriers and measures that hold back domestic energy production.

Protect America & Protect the Vulnerable

To protect America and protect the vulnerable, we must protect the border. The crisis at the southern border is real, and the surge of illegal immigrants cannot be ignored or denied. If our borders continue to remain unprotected, we will continue to invite deadly drugs and dangerous criminals to wreak havoc on innocent people and on our country.

An open border leaves innocent women and children vulnerable to being trafficked, raped, and exploited by criminals. In addition to those predators, the harsh terrain and climate make an illegal journey to America a deadly one. This is a tragedy that urgently needs our attention and should not be ignored. Women and children are meant to be cherished and protected. Protecting our border protects them by encouraging all to enter our country through legal and safe means.

While the number of homeless Americans on our streets skyrockets and the spike of fentanyl deaths among our youth rises, countless illegal immigrants are entering our country and being rewarded with cell phones, food, and transportation to housing in cities all across our country. We must keep our vulnerable out of harm’s way by not creating an environment where illegal activity is encouraged and rewarded. We are a country of laws and for all people to thrive, we must maintain order. We cannot simply allow people to flood across our border unchecked and unlawfully.

We must embrace and encourage safe and legal immigration for all.

Become the Change. Become the Movement.

You have until Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 to VOTE for Leon Benjamin

Without you - the people - we achieve nothing. With you, we achieve everything.
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