Issues & Policies

Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe.

Crime in Virginia’s major cities and across the nation is on the rise. For the last three years, Democrats have loudly and repeatedly called for the defunding and dismantling of police departments. This is ridiculous! Public safety requires a strong and visible police force. The Democrat-led anti-police rhetoric has fueled lawlessness and destroyed police morale – and our entire country has suffered. We need to unite WITH law enforcement, FUNDING the police and taking a hard stand against crime. We cannot sit back and allow violent and repeat criminals to be released from jail or to avoid incarceration altogether. We must be hard on crime, enforcing the laws, preventing repeat offenders, and protecting our law-abiding citizens. Most importantly, we must support and respect our men and women in blue.

That said, however, I believe that keeping our neighborhoods safe begins in the home, with faith in God and a strong family structure. We need to build back confidence in the family unit and prioritize families. Children who are raised in loving, nurturing environments with positive adult role models grow into productive members of society. God and love are central to our prosperity as a country. Of course, children are not always at home under a parent’s watchful
eye. Recognizing the pressures and realities facing working parents today, we need to provide kids with safe and accessible after-school activities. Communities benefit on many levels when young minds and bodies are kept active and off the streets.

Missing McEachin
McEachin: MIA in Congress, MIA in Debates, MIA for the 4 th District!

Where is my opponent?

Who has seen him in public? I for one have not. In fact, he has refused my requests to publicly debate me on the important issues facing voters. Why won’t he debate me? I have asked for us to meet face to face for the benefit of the voters – but he refuses my requests and continues to avoid public appearances.

McEachin is not just failing to appear in the 4 th District. The Democrat incumbent is staying hidden while Congress is in session, failing to appear in person for any vote since early 2020. Here are the facts: On May 26, 2020, Donald McEachin submitted to the Office of the Clerk the first of over 50 letters assigning authority for remote voting by proxy, and he has subsequently voted BY PROXY for every vote he has cast since. According to the letters on record with the Office of the Clerk, McEachin cited and has continued to cite the “ongoing public health emergency” as the reason for being physically unable to attend proceedings in the House Chamber. In short, the Democrat incumbent has not shown up to work! He has used Covid as an excuse to hide from the people. Where is he? We know where he not – he is not in the halls of Congress. In over 15 months, the Democrat incumbent has FAILED to show up for a single in-
person vote. America is a great nation with great people. We need a transparent and present Congressman who will work hard to get us back on track.

Stop Increasing Gas Prices and Surging Inflation.

We MUST get back to energy independence! We are a rich nation, with enough natural gas and oil already in reserves to last a generation. It is critical that we stop asking for oil from foreign countries—especially countries that don’t respect us! We must reopen the Alaskan pipeline, restart the Keystone pipeline project, and get back to producing oil for ourselves. We must not accept rising gas prices and related increases in costs as the “new normal.” I will fight to restore our energy independence and oppose all regulatory barriers and measures that hold back domestic energy production.

Stop Voting to Increase National Debt and Taxes.

Where is the Democrat incumbent during this crisis of surging inflation? Not only has he been MISSING, but his record of votes (albeit by proxy) is alarming. Among other bills that further government overreach, the Democrat incumbent voted in favor of the recent bill to increase the national debt, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. Combined with the President’s Executive Order to unfairly repay the student loans of some (but not all, and with no regard to those students and parents who worked hard to pay their loans off already), the American economy is being destroyed!
It is basic Economics 101 that when the government treats real life like a game of Monopoly, printing and spending money for handouts, the taxpayers suffer. In the case of the student loan repayments, it is not actually the government who will give the money for the loan repayments, it will be hardworking Americans who pay the price – the same hardworking Americans whose cost of living has surged over the last 18 months and continues to rise thanks to the crippling policies of the Left. This needs to STOP.

Ensure Quality Education for All Children

Every child in Virginia – and across America – deserves a quality education. I believe that the money should follow the child. This means that parents should be the ultimate decision makers when it comes to the education of their children. This is especially important for students with special needs. Whether a parent chooses home schooling, private school, charter school, or public school, aid and support should not be diminished. If money follows the child, parents have flexibility to select schools based on what is best for their children, and the quality of education everywhere improves.

Protect our FREEDOM and Constitutional Rights

We are one nation under God. Our founding fathers and the great leaders that followed, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr., all knew that our rights and liberties come from God, not the government.

We must teach and reinvigorate our Constitution. We must also teach our history – the good, bad, and the ugly. Let’s not be ashamed of our past or the color of our skin. Rather, let us learn and grow from the experiences (and mistakes) of those who came before us and those we walk alongside now. To prosper as a UNITED nation, we cannot wipe away history or rewrite it. We must recognize that that which does not kill us makes us stronger! We must break the spirit of racism, remove all CRT teachings, and focus on moving forward as one.

I believe that we must love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Close the Border

We must close the border! The crisis at the southern border is real, and the surge of illegal immigrants cannot be ignored or denied. The current administration is lying to the American people about what is happening. People are breaking our laws and then being rewarded for doing so. While the number of homeless Americans on our streets skyrockets, the Biden Administration is paying for illegal immigrants to have cell phones, food, and transportation to housing in cities across the country.

The government has no way of knowing the true extent of who or what is crossing into our country, but we know for sure that the flooding includes drugs and known criminals and terrorists. Tragically, the open border has led to a spike in fentanyl deaths among our youth. How many more American children will die from drug poisonings before the Left wakes up?

To be clear, I am in favor of legal immigration. There is a tried-and-true legal process for those who want to come to America – but it does not include walking or wading across the Rio Grande.

As the U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Virginia, I will work to bring power back to the people!  I promise to LISTEN to YOU and FIGHT for YOU with a commitment to protect and restore your God-given and Constitutional rights!
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