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This journey as Father, Pastor, Mentor and Leader has taken me all the way to the White House as a presidential advisor and coalition builder―uniting many leaders and mentoring others― to implement economic recovery and community development projects that improve lives while simultaneously strengthening the Commonwealth. Built on the solid foundation of pragmatic, conservative values, (i.e., healthy families, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, supportive communities and strong, fair and competitive businesses), the core message of this campaign will necessarily focus on the consistent, positive aspects of Leon Benjamin’s strengths, emphasizing his authentic personality, character and normative roles as a qualified, FATHER, PASTOR, MENTOR and LEADER.

As your New

Congressional Representative

I pledge to make VA4 a more prosperous, safe, and equitable place to live by making Washington work for you. Due to constant redistricting (the way that government adjusts district boundaries due to population changes and gerrymandering), most people don’t know what Congressional District they are in, nor do they know much about their district’s makeup. To determine what District you reside, click on this link To find out more about Virginia 4th Congressional District’s people, workers, housing, socio-economic and business statistics, click on click on this this handy Census Bureau. VA4 is a diverse group of 747,291highly-talented citizens. By race and ethnicity, 53% percent of our district is White, 41% Black (or African American), 6% Hispanic, 3% mixed races, and 2% Asian. By ancestry and cultural heritage, VA4 has 27 descendants from 27 different countries. By age groups, 30% are younger than 25 years old, 55% are working age (25-64) and 15% are 65 or over. As your representative, I will strive to represent each of these demographics and form coalitions to address your most pressing concerns.

The eleven counties in VA4 have diverse economic profiles, as shown. Urban communities have substantially higher incomes than rural communities. As such, in concert with numerous community development experts, I plan to implement a rural revitalization program for small and small farms towns--many of which have not recovered from the 2009 Recession. For more detail on my rural revitalization program, refer to our Jobenomics Rural Virginia initiative in the Jobenomics section. While our rural revitalization program has many turnkey programs, this initiative is still in the development phase and will require your input and support to implement within my first term in Congress. As such, I plan to hold town hall meetings in each county before the election to generate federal support and funding on day-one in Washington. Even though VA4’s urban communities have higher household incomes, significant income disparities (inequalities) exist. This median household income map of Richmond is representative of the income disparities of other VA4 urban areas (Petersburg, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Wakefield, Emporia, and Franklin). The light-colored areas of this map show low-income areas (Mosby neighborhood has the lowest income at $9,888) and the red-colored the highest (Wilton $231,750). As your representative, my goal is to concentrate on raising the lowest-income neighborhoods by enlisting private sector financing and support from the wealthiest neighborhoods. As President Lincoln said, we “cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred,” nor can we “help the poor by destroying the rich.” Moreover, as coined by President Kennedy, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” On 28 December 2019, I held our first town hall meeting on Jobenomics Richmond. Jobenomics Richmond is a proposed program for creating mixed-use, master-planned, locally-owned, live-work communities in under-resourced areas in Richmond with an emphasis on obtaining Qualified Opportunity Zone funding. This program will serve as a pilot program for other VA4 urban areas. For more detail on this urban renewal initiative, refer to our Jobenomics Richmond whitepaper and presentation here and in the Jobenomics section.

Biography Timeline Leon Benjamin

A native of Richmond, VA, he graduated from Huguenot High School and attended
University of Virginia and Virginia Union University for engineering.

November 2016

Evangelical Leader

Benjamin has played a vital role in a group of about 20 to 30 evangelical leaders who regularly serve as informal advisers to the Trump

January 2017

Leading The Party

Senior Fellow for the National Minority Technology Council where he services National Faith-based Liaison and Advisor to the Council.

September 2018

Founder of United2Pray

Founder of United2Pray, a national movement to intercede weekly on a conference call with evangelical pastors and the faith community to pray for the president

February 2019

President and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU)

Bishop Benjamin is the president and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU) dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoration of moral clarity in America.

The Right Candidate / Right Message / Right Team

Leon Benjamin has emerged as the ideal candidate to meet the objectives of this plan. He is Virginia homegrown and he is energetic. He is polished, smart, talented, relevant and connected. Most importantly, he projects a strong leadership image and he is persuasive. He is prepared to lead a diverse group of campaign activists and voters onto victory in VA-4 against Donald McEachin. As Donald Trump has proven time and again, selecting the right management team based on performance as well as merit is key to making government (not unlike a successful business) more efficient, accountable and cost effective. The same is true of a political campaign. Indeed, a strong candidate is not required to know, immediately, all the answers to every question posed to a candidate while out on the campaign trail. Rather, a strong political leader is one who selects the very best members of a team that can effectively anticipate, analyze, master and address problems and issues facing the electorate. Building this team begins with a selection process and hiring of the very best and credentialed campaign operatives (consultants, campaign field managers, polling professionals and professional fundraisers) with prior federal campaign experience.

Strategy In Brief

Our campaign plan focuses on winning the VA-4 congressional seat in the year 2020 through unwavering support of the Second Amendment, delivering economic prosperity, strengthening families and the military, improving infrastructure, and supporting President Donald Trump’s America First goals, while rebuilding and diversifying the Republican Party of Virginia in the process.

Clear Goal of Winning

Strengthening Families

Sharing American Pride


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