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“This is the year to take back the fourth district and return a true representative of the people to Washington. Leon Benjamin can beat Donald McEachin this November. Financial support for Leon will give him the resources he needs to send a strong message to the media, financial contributors and voters that this is a viable campaign capable of challenging and taking the incumbent’s seat in the General Election.”

“New Leadership for a Strong Virginia!”

What I Believe

School Choice

We as American Citizens deserve the highest and best education that can be provided. School Choice along with grant base incentives can provide more options for failing locals, give residents an escape from poor performing schools and create an environment for positive competition for locals that want to improve their performance.

Now is The Time (100%)

Economic Development

Economic Development Our region is prime for Economic Renewal through Opportunity Zone Projects. Full scale Redeveloment Projects that afford these zones to create affordable housing, launch thousands of new jobs, implement certification programs and support small business launches are just what our 4th Congressional District need.

Now is The Time (100%)

Medical Development

We must address the main topics within our health policy: Mental health stigma and funding, Minority and Latino Health opportunities, and Defending the 2nd Amendment as necessary to curtail Violence and Criminal activity within our neighborhoods. Other issues related to health care for all, such as providing an Alternative to the Affordable Care Act, exposing the downfall of initiating Medicare for all, and giving women more options to creating a healthy family as to not having to end the life of the unborn.

Now is The Time (100%)

Science & Technology

Virginia has much to offer when it comes to educational programs that will help individuals get into Science and Technology Industries. Our goal is to create programs Through Virginia Educational Workforce Consortiums that will help develop and implement the following: certificates, degrees, and workforce programs which will help prepare someone for the Science or Technology industry. Some examples include: Engineering, Engineering Technology, Instrumentation and Controls, Technology degrees (Electrical, Mechanical, etc.), and more. We must begin to work with Highschool’s, Colleges and Universities, Military and Veterans and Educational and Career Mentorship Programs.

Now is The Time (100%)

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Biography Timeline Leon Benjamin

A native of Richmond, VA, he graduated from Huguenot High School and attended
University of Virginia and Virginia Union University for engineering.

November 2016

Evangelical Leader

Played a vital role in a group of about 20 to 30 evangelical leaders who regularly serve as informal advisers to the Trump administration.

January 2017

Leading The Party

Senior Fellow for the National Minority Technology Council where he services National Faith-based Liaison and Advisor to the Council.

September 2018

Founder of United2Pray

Founder of United2Pray, a national movement to intercede weekly on a conference call with evangelical pastors and the faith community to pray for the president and future of our nation.

February 2019

President and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU)

Bishop Benjamin is the president and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU) dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoration of moral clarity in America.

December 2019

Benjamin For Congress Exploratory Committee!

Bishop Benjamin is the president and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU) dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoration of moral clarity in America.

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